Initiation of Urban Health Initiative at Aligarh

Dear All,

This is again high and right time to come before you. As it is soothing in scorching heat of May that UDAAN has entered into a contract with CARE (on behalf of consortium of FHI, CARE, John Hopkins University, HLFPPT). The new project was signed by Mr. Shahvez, the Vice president of the organization. The news is more important at the time when UDAAN Society is striving hard for its commitment towards it mission and vision of providing quality health services to marginalized and downtrodden. The project will be implemented in urban slums of Aligarh and cater the need of quality health services of urban poor. This is first time that we are getting a direct project with foreign contribution.

I wish the project will achieve its objectives and give new height to our commitments.

Gyanendra Mishra


vineet said...

Good Luck Gyanendra.... my best wishes always with you, if you need any help please feel free contact me.
Vineet Pathak

UDAAN said...

Thanks dear,

We need your help as always in the form of valuable suggestions.

Deep said...

Excellent Gyani, many congratulations and my best wishes. Sudeep.

Subodh said...

Good initiative by UDAAN.Keep the good work going.

Sunil said...

good work.. keep it up..

Mohd. Shahid said...

Jahan chah wahan rah.I am sure that Team UDAAN will move beyond the UHI project goals and targets and will contribute in value addition to project approach.

Ahmad said...

That's a good news for the slums of Aligarh where this project would be implemented. I am pretty sure that the community would be benefited over and above the project objectives.
Best wishes for this new initiative.

Ahmad Shahvez

Rakhshanda Fazli said...

Your society is doing a remarkable job indeed. This is first time in Aligarh that in Practice something has been done fore urban poor. But this society don't reach to some posh areas where slums are existed.These poor people are deprived even of government schemes made for them.I hope this society will also do some work in this direction.

UDAAN said...

Excellent Team,Excellent work by UDAAN TEAM in PD MR.GYANENDRA MISHRAG.Secretary