Tuesday, September 6, 2011

UDAAN Feild visit by Kerela Team

Thirty two students of Islamia College for Orphans, Thalikkulam, Kerela visited the slums of Aligarh city and saw the work done by UDAAN Society under the aegis Urban Health Initiative, in these slums. It was again a great pleasure for UDAAN Society that students from Kerela came all the way to see the activities of UDAAN Society and appreciated the work done even before Aligarh Muslim University VC Dr. PK Abdul Aziz. During the visit the students encountered with the problem and hardship faced by the people of slums in Aligarh, the work done by lock industry workers and met with the adopters of family planning among Muslims. They were much concerned about the education of children in these slums. The whole visit by facilitated by Dr. Mohd. Shahid, our Secretary lalit Upadhyay and Basit. The students also appreciated the work done by Peer educators in the project.

Thanks for Dr. Habib from Jamia for providing us such an opportunity of excel our activities.