Monday, June 7, 2010

How to find the hungry and needy

Dear All,

Today Dr. Sudip has called me and gave a tough task of finding out most hungry and needy people in the area of our work. The idea behind raising the question is that despite all the government efforts there are people who along with their family members are not able to meet both the ends and their families live amid hunger and starvation. Dr. Sudeep has discussed the situation with some of his generous friends who are ready to help but the beneficiary must be really needy and facing the worst condition in his day to day life i.e. there is no ray of hope for his support from any one and his family is near to starvation. Dr. Sudeep's friends can give cereals, rice, daal to such family and even can take pain to bear the cost of supply of food grains etc. to such families. Also as per my discussion with him there is no issue of quantity and regularity. The real problem lies in identification of honest and transparent people to whom supply can be given and they further identify real beneficiaries. In this regard he called me today and asked for the solution.
I kindly request all of you to find the solution in term of monitoring of supply and identification of beneficiaries who are really in need.

Thanks and warm regards,