Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog of UDAAN Society

Dear All,

This is first time i have started writing blog for UDAAN Society. Though I have started the process in the March last year but due to one or another reason not able to write anything on this blog. I came to understand the value of blog writing by seeing its impact on social life of people who are doing so. No doubt it gives our thoughts a voice and is able to provide a platform for like minded people like us. But,the very interest of this blog writing for me is to take your valuable comments on the issues pertaining to UDAAN Society. I hope my step will definitly help in setting the direction of our work, to get help in making our work area more broader and to assure your valubale presence in the affairs of UDAAN Society, no matter it is direct or indirect.
As you know in the last five years UDAAN Society has created a niche in social development in Aligarh and nearby areas yet there is lot to do and work upon. In the process of our work UDAAN got kind support from you all in one or another manner but it is high time to make full use of our resources, ability, energy and enthusiasm for those who are looking towards ourself for their betterment.
I am stoppoing myself here not because there is nothing to write but for only to give space to the well wishers of UDAAN, lets start and make this place an open source to express our view, thoughts, valuable comments and to make this a better place to work in favour of happy and safer world.