Monday, June 7, 2010

How to find the hungry and needy

Dear All,

Today Dr. Sudip has called me and gave a tough task of finding out most hungry and needy people in the area of our work. The idea behind raising the question is that despite all the government efforts there are people who along with their family members are not able to meet both the ends and their families live amid hunger and starvation. Dr. Sudeep has discussed the situation with some of his generous friends who are ready to help but the beneficiary must be really needy and facing the worst condition in his day to day life i.e. there is no ray of hope for his support from any one and his family is near to starvation. Dr. Sudeep's friends can give cereals, rice, daal to such family and even can take pain to bear the cost of supply of food grains etc. to such families. Also as per my discussion with him there is no issue of quantity and regularity. The real problem lies in identification of honest and transparent people to whom supply can be given and they further identify real beneficiaries. In this regard he called me today and asked for the solution.
I kindly request all of you to find the solution in term of monitoring of supply and identification of beneficiaries who are really in need.

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Tanmoy said...

This is Tanmoy Basak, a well wisher of UDDAN.I have given a comment to that blog,if I have done any kind of intervening comment please forgive me.

I have read that concern problem of finding such really hungry and needy people.I have an idea to find such truly needy and hungry people first we have to find those people who wnat to do something for their family or himself at any cost.And need to observe them whether they are truly suffering from starvation and various need or not.For that we need to do some campaigning and offer them to do some work daily basis against some payments for 15 days.Thus we can find who are the needy people and who wants to do something for their family and for him or her self as well. And those who do not want to involve any kind of work or no work no pay function,it means they have enough to fight with their starvation and need as well.Though there is some exceptional cases.Afterthat we can easily indicate those who mostly hungry and needy people in our area of operation.

Thanks and Warm regards.

Ahmad said...

Dear Gyanendra,

I have full confidence that with a long experience of working with the downtrodden of Aligarh you can identify them easily. But as what happens with most of the schemes that when it comes to reaching out to beneficiaries there comes a list of people with our own biases, a list of people who are in good books of the influentials of the community and so on. It is therefore essential to have some scientific method employed to reach the poorest of the poor.

One of the criterion for this may be getting the names of people who would come within the ambit of this project by conducting a series of group discussions (GD) with the community members themselves. There is no one better than the community itself who knows the one poorest among them. Out of the list generated by this series of GD then we can go for the format for ranking which gives us the rankings of the poorest of the poor.
The final selected beneficiaries then can be brought out in the form of the case studies stating the sufferings they have suffered and mentioning the underlying causes of their sufferings. I can share with you some of the case studies from different states generated as the part of training at TISS, Mumbai.
For children, aged and the sick there need not be any restriction of any sort but for others and as the case may be I agree with what Tanmoy has suggested. We can get them work for themselves and their community. One such example can be of a female beneficiary taking care of children of mothers/parents those are going out for work. I would also like to suggest this support shall be restricted to some period of time per individual/family so that in the mean time they are able to find some work for themselves and are able to sustain without any external support.

I take this as an opportunity to thank Dr. Sudeep and his friends for their genuine and selfless efforts.

UDAAN said...

Dear Tanmoy,

When you said that being well wisher of UDAAN Society you are commenting then the chances of committing any mistake and forgiving are no more.

You really gave some very valuable suggestions based on you past experiences and exposure.
But dear at this juncture we are not much interested in going for 'food for work' strategy. Because to find out work for each and every individual at his work place is not possible for us.